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Nanotechnology Coating

Our technology controls the particle size and velocity individually, creating the best coating conditions. This technology also can create a better uniformity of atomization at a low pressure which combined with a stable consecutive material supply system enables you to create various films in any thickness which you require, ranging from an ultra-thin film at the nano level to only a few microns thick.

Precision Spray Coater

Scan coating


This coating system has a simple structure employing scanning system that does not rotate the glass substrate. We offer the best nozzle and material supply system to match the requested specification and material used.


Capability : At a 1 μm film thickness setting, there is a film thickness accuracy of ±2-3%.

Film Thickness : Support available for ultra-thin film at the nano level, thin film several tens of nanometers thick and film only a few microns thick.

Rotary Atomizing Spray Gun (NC Bell)

Particle size and velocity controlled separately


The optimum coating conditions are achieved by controlling the particle size and jet velocity individually.
* The system can control the jet velocity to improve the coating efficiency.

Rotary Atomizing Spray Gun (RAC)

The down sized spray gun is suitable for coating in small-area. It can achieve various high precision coating by the small amount of discharging and very fine atomization.
* The chemical proof is improved due to non-metallic fluid contacting like resin in addition to other features of the NC bell.


Low Pressure Atomizing Spray Gun (AGB-50N)

This spray gun can spray more even particle size droplets in the spraying pattern.
* The even drying rate due to even particle size enables to achieve even finish in good quality.
*An inductive charging system is also available.


Material Supply Systems

Our material supply systems offer stable supply performance, with the Gear Pump and the Double Syringe Pump available, depending on the customer's application.

Gear Pump

The gear pump features precisely processed liquid contacting parts and special surface treatment.
(It's easy to clean disassembled.)

Double Syringe Pump

The pump has no valve and its liquid contacting parts are made of non-metal.
The pump is able to provide a precise, constant and stable material supply for small quantities.

Application Examples

Functional films Fluorescent materials for FPD, light emitting materials, slurry, electrodes, protective films
Solar cells Titanium oxide, zinc oxide, protective films, anti-dirt films, ray transmittance improvement films, films with improved conversion efficiency, functional films, antireflective films
Battery cells Secondary cells (rechargeable batteries), fuel cells
Others Fluorine, photocatalyst, concavo-convex substrates, small to large workpieces, next generation displays, MEMS

Superior Workpieces & Materials


Concavo-convex substrates Workpieces that are not coated well with spin or slit
Small to large sizes Airflow and particles size control enable an even and consistent finish for all workpieces, from small to large sizes


Slurry Solution of metal and so on that cannot be melted to liquid
Fluorescent materials Material, mingled with pigment, that always need to be circulated or stirred
Carbon Tough material to extend by spin coating, slit coating etc.

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