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Precision Cleaning Technology


Technology Created from the Results of Particle Research

Our precision cleaning technology, which is based on the half a century development of atomization, makes it possible to remove minuscule particles at the sub-micron level with the collision energy of atomized cleaning fluid droplets. The system makes use of a physical cleaning method in no direct contact with workpiece.

High Pressure Micro Jet Cleaning System

The High Pressure Micro Jet Cleaning System is a physical cleaning system.
The cleaning fluid is atomized into minuscule droplets upon spraying out of a nozzle after pressurizing it with a pump. Then, the minuscule droplets jet onto the workpiece at a high velocity.

* “HPMJ”is a registered trademark of Asahi Sunac Co., Ltd. registered in Japan, China, USA, Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore.

Cleaning images

Cleaning Mechanism (Jetting effect)

By creating microscopic droplets with a micro-jet nozzle and achieving continuous high-speed and high-precision impact, the mechanism detaches the microscopic particles and washes them away.

Jetting effect video


Moment of impact of cleaning fluid droplets on target

Relationship between pressure and jet velocity

The HPMJ® atomization system is a single fluid system that pressurizes ultrapure water and atomizes it by a micro jet nozzle. Pressure can be raised to up to 20 MPa, and the jet velocity, which is considered to be a factor of cleaning power, can be adjusted considerably.

Theoretical equation of HPMJ cleaning

Application examples

CF Initial cleaning,
rinse after development
Array Initial cleaning,
pre-deposition cleaning,
cleaning after
Cell Cleaning before PI,
cleaning after rubbing,
cleaning after cutting
Organic EL Initial cleaning,
pre-deposition cleaning
Cleaning after slicing/polishing,
polishing pad cleaning,
CMP polishing pad cleaning
Solar cell
Cleaning after slicing,
substrate initial cleaning,
post laser cutting cleaning
Others Tool cleaning production process,
cleaning in food production processes,
cleaning in medical production processes

Wafer Cleaning Tool; RAC Nozzle (Revolution Atomizer Cleaning Nozzle)

This binary fluid cleaning tool controls the particle size and velocity individually, and uses a rotary atomization technique that aims to incur zero damage on the wafer.

Cleaning process


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