Our experience is most highly valued when we are able to respond to requests for tooling development.

Of the technologies relating to forging machine,"tooling technology" is indispensable for producing forged parts. Our "FTC" is dedicated to the R&D of forging machine tooling. With that as a backdrop, we have system in place that offers individual tool development, modification requests, as well as prototype development and supply for our customers' forging production lines. Our services even provide the latest forging methods used in manufacturing and production.

Forged Product Review

A meeting is held with the customer using the drawings and specifications for the product to discuss the request.In addition, another meeting is held with the forging machine developer to ensure a smooth process and transition from tooling development to mass production.

Product drawing | Finished product

Process Design

The functionality of the forging machine is maximized and the best design is created by referencing previous examples and using analysis technology. As a forging machine manufacturer, we will recommend a tooling and forging equipment combination that takes into account productivity.

Tooling Design

Beyond preserving the accuracy of the forging products, the best design is created in order to extend the tooling life and alleviate the impact on the tool.

Product drawing | Finished product

Tooling Manufacture

We offer high quality tooling with a long product life by selecting the best materials, machining method, interference and surface treatments. *We also work together with manufacturing partners.


Test Manufacturing

Our research experiment machine equipped with the "Net Shaper" function, offers support for various needs, ranging from small and large diameter to short and long workpieces. The technical information acquired here provides feedback for process and tooling design, and subsequently leads to advancements in technology.

Research Experiment Machine

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We aim to further the high precision performance of our forging machinery using "Net Shaper."

FTC Stages Forging force
Cutoff diameter
SF200-7 7 2000 18
SF50-6 6 500 9
SQ84 4 650 10
Kansai FTC Stages Forging force
Cutoff diameter
SF350-6 6 3000 28
SF200-6 6 1800 18
AQ1220-4 4 1400 18
AQ1010-3 3 900 11
RH-120   1200 14
RH-80   500 11


Training Services

Training programs are offered for forging machine operators. Our training programs are flexible and cover a wide range of topics from basic machine operation to quality management methods. In addition, our Forging Technology School (FTS) provides regular courses and also offers services at customer training and research sites.

Trust Analysis Service

We use 2D and 3D analysis software to extract more practical information and data.

We supply production tooling and make recommendations for tooling improvements.

In order to provide the best customer consultation service for your tooling and forging products, we review the process and tooling design while consider the ideal balance depending on your needs. After consultation and review, you could check the results with our research experiment machine used for research and development.

Tooling Improvement(Optimization)

Improvement Examples

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