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Company Overview

Company name Asahi Sunac Corporation
Head office
Aichi Prefecture
488-8688, Japan
(Main switchboard)

Established July 17, 1942
Capital paid in 255 million (Japanese Yen)
Business fields
  • 1. Coating Equipment & Engineering Division
    • ・Design, manufacture, sales and construction of coating machine and coating equipment
    • ・Design, manufacture, sales and construction of automatic coating machine and coating
  • 2. Forging Machinery Division
    • ・Design, manufacture and sales of cold headers and machines for manufacturing screws
    • ・Design, manufacture, sales and machining of die, jigs, tooling and other types of parts
  • 3. New Components Division
    • ・Development, design, manufacture and sales of precision cleaning systems and precision coating systems
Main products
  • 1. Coating Equipment
    • ・Coating systems and various types of coating equipment, such as airless, electrostatic, binary fluid and powder devices
  • 2. Forging Machinery
    • 1D1B header, 2D2B header, 2D3B header,
    • 3D3B former, 4D4B former, 5D5B former,
    • forging and roll forming FA systems
  • 3. New Components Division
    • ・High Pressure Micro Jet Precision Cleaning System
    • ・Precision Spray Coating Systems

Organizational Chart

Organizational Chart

Head Office & Factories

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